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In 2008, Lionel again went back to its roots using a vintage 1959 catalog design to introduce the company's Postwar Conventional Classics line of model trains.For many model train enthusiasts, their love affair might have begun with a Lionel Model Train circling the family Christmas tree when they were but a small child.


For others, it might be the Lionel traversing a simple oval layout on a 4-foot-by-8-foot piece of plywood in the basement or garage. Whatever the source of this love, it’s been passed from generation to generation, and today, Lionel continues to be one of the most recognized names in model railroading.


With that in mind, Milepost 38 Toy Trains features a large selection of O-scale Lionel locomotives and rolling stock, as well as a selection devoted to Lionel Fasttrak designs and releases.


Lionel dates from 1900, when the original Lionel company was founded by inventor Joshua Lionel Cowen as an electrical novelties firm. The first train Cowen invented several years later, the battery-powered Electric Express, was not a toy but a display for toy stores.


By 1906, Lionel had introduced preassembled track (with three rails), the first transformer and a selection of engines and cars. Through the subsequent decades, Lionel offered models designed after many of the engines, trains and rolling stock that made up the railroads that dominated transportation in America into the 1950s. The next few decades saw Cowen selling his interest in Lionel, several more changes in ownership and management and some difficult times until the 1990s. Lionel attributes the turnaround to the reissue of the legendary No. 700E locomotive and to the participation of Richard Kughn and rock musician Neil Young, an avid model railroader, in development of new model train control and sound systems.


The replica of The Polar Express is another popular offering from Lionel Model Trains."But now the Lionel dream is back and better than ever," the Lionel company notes today on its Web site. Today, Lionel offers ready-to-run sets that range from the Lionel Lines Classic Freight to replicas of The Polar Express and the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. Lionel has also launched its new, high end Vision Line of trains, rolling stock and accessories, offering extraordinary attention to detail and features.


As Lionel notes: “Joshua Lionel Cowen's legacy of family, friends, and shared enjoyment has endured and grown. At today's Lionel, we're rekindling old traditions and inventing new technologies.”


To learn more about what Lionel model trains have to offer, check out the selection at Milepost 38 Toy Trains.


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